The 10 Best Booths at Art021

Sam Gaskin, Artsy, November 9, 2018

One of the more peculiar collections of curios at Art021 comes from Beijing Art Now Gallery (BANG) and its Los Angeles sister space, Make Room. With its spring mounted gold “大”(“big”) character, Zhou Tong’s Great leap (跳大神) (2017) is a wooden shrine cabinet for the worship of growth. That theme is twisted in a more absurdist way with Wooden Sandals (5 feet long, and rising over 2 feet off the ground.) Other disparate works here include Catalina Ouyang’s Howler (lunar rabbit mask) (2018), Zheng Wei’sIntimate Corpse No. 2 (2018)—which looks like a broken version of Henri Matisse’s Dance (1910) embedded in astroturf—and a little oil-on-plexiglass painting by Andrew Sendor, Casparina on December 2 (2018), that’s as cinematic as the raising of a velvet curtain.