Jacopo Pagin

Jacopo Pagin's first institutional solo exhibition in Asia, "Strategies Against Time" opens with Pond Society.

Make Room is proud to announce Jacopo Pagin's first institutional exhibiton in Asia with Pond Society, Singapore. "Strategies Against Time" is hosted by 39+ Art Space and will be on display from January 4th to Feburary 23rd, 2023.


Strategies Against Time continues Pagin’s inquiry into the shape of historical time and the role that painting performs in rendering the present as such. Through formal experiments that test the transparent properties of charcoal and oil paint, Pagin pushes the limits of pictorial space and recalls the temporal dimension of painting and drawing. Borrowing from the techniques of collage and montage, the resulting works offer an image of the past projected from the point of view of the present: a singular crisis.
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Jacopo Pagin
Fermented Belle Epoque with Fresh Haircuts, 2022
Oil and acrylic on canvas
66 7/8 x 94 1/2 in
170 x 240 cm
January 7, 2023