Catalina Ouyang

"White Male Ally" at Lyles & King, New York

White Male Ally, an exhibition of Catalina Ouyang's recent work, will be on view at Lyles & King September 1 - October 16, 2021.


"The world of White Male Ally resists the certainty of permanence: its edges are never made apparent, and the gestalt slips in and out like a tide. The exhibition is a continuation of the worldbuilding that propels Ouyang’s practice, in its endeavor to indicate counter narratives around representation and selfdefinition. Ouyang engages object-making, interdisciplinary environments, and time-based projects to examine themes of desire, subjugation, and dissidence. The artist’s intuitive use of organic, inorganic, and conceptual material is simultaneously poetic, apocalyptic, primordial, and abject. Using form, movement, and relational engagement either to expand or fragment subjectivity, the works propose the body as a politicized landscape subject to partition."

-Marisa Espe

September 1, 2021