Catalina Ouyang

Opening Thursday March 25: "In Practice" at Sculpture Center

Catalina Ouyang will be part of this year's In Practice exhibition at Sculpture Center, curated by Katherine Simone Reynolds, alongside Carlos Agredano, Leslie Cuyjet, Kyrae Dawaun, Dominique Duroseau, Hugh Hayden, Sunny Leerasanthanah, Abigail Lucien, André Magaña, Chiffon Thomas, and Quay Quinn Wolf.


In Practice: You may go, but this will bring you back opens to the public on Thursday, March 25  and will be available to view by appointment only through August 2, 2021.  Ouyang's presentation, common burn, expands a video sketch made last summer into an immersive video and sound installation with new sculptures.




March 21, 2021