Xin Liu

Joining SXSW: First Principles First: How to Solve Hard Problems


Xin Liu will join the panel “First Principles First: How to Solve Hard Problems” along with Leigh Christie, Lauren Cohen and Diba Kaya this March in SXSW and talk about how to tackle hard problems. 


What does it take to solve a really hard problem and what part does using first principles play? As we face a world of increasing complexity, the ability to solve the “unsolvable” may be the difference between a surviving culture and a thriving one. This panel is led by expert scientists, researchers, physicists and engineers who have sought out solving problems and projects with great technical uncertainty, requiring multi-faceted teams. Problems and projects with the potential for high-impact, whether it's improving the human condition, impacting sustainability in a positive way, or otherwise moving us collectively to an inclusively abundant future.


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February 19, 2019