Xin Liu

Artist Talk at MIT Open Documentary Lab


We May Be All Alone.

In 1990, from 6 million kilometers away, Voyager 1 took a snapshot of our existence in the universe: a pale blue dot. In it, we saw the loneliness and impermanence of our species, a realization that continues to sustain a thriving, resonating call for the future.

This sense of profound isolation has always shaped our perception of our planetary condition and our understanding of ourselves. What are the human experiences and perceptions of our planetary condition in relation to the vastness? Even if we can seize phenomena and enumerate them, can we, for all that comprehend the world? Gazing both inward and out into the orbit, Xin Liu offers a series of self-portraits that align and reposition her experiences with(in) imperceptible and incessant cosmic existences.


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March 10, 2019