ASMA participates in Manifesta 13 in Marseille, France


The exhibition Anima Mundi gathers several international artists (Sterling Ruby, Dewar & Gicquel…) in the ancient crypts of the Abbey of Saint-Victor, one of the oldest monuments in the Provence region. The works on display, mainly sculptures, communicate with the paleochristian sarcophagi in the crypts and propose a reflection on death, spirituality and the relation to History. The works, mixing art and craft, resonate and connect to the place through their vernacular and spiritual anchoring.
The artists invited by Emmanuelle Luciani and Southway Studio combine past and present to offer artistic and aesthetic alternatives to contemporary matters with inspiration from the heritage impulse that arose from the Revolution, or like the Nabis and Pre-Raphaelites who reclaim the past to propose new artistic forms where spirituality is brought together with arts and modernity.

September 28, 2020