Xin Liu

"Living Distance" is officially selected in the 2020 New Frontier at Sundance Film Festival


“Living Distance: An Outer Space Performance”  presented by slow immediate and LumiereVR will be available to audiences daily in the New Frontier Section of Sundance Film Festival in Park City, UT. 


“Living Distance: An Outer Space Performance” sends a wisdom tooth spiraling into outer space and returning back down to Earth again in equally spectacular fashion. Carried by a crystalline robotic sculpture called EBIFA, the tooth becomes a newborn entity in outer space and tells the story of a person in this universe, breaking new ground with the immersive feel of a performance art piece perfectly set for the virtual reality space. Sundance Film Festival audiences will be astounded, moved and questioning as they emerge back into reality a mere 11 minutes later, but perhaps a lifetime for a tooth.  A partnership between China and the USA, this unique VR arts exhibition “Living Distance: An Outer Space Performance” is a three-part work. It is comprised of an unique outer space performance, a 2-channel video installation, and a thrilling VR experience – a true sensory immersion for the audience. 

December 13, 2019