Catalina Ouyang


Catalina Ouyang is a visual artist and child of the Chinese diaspora by way(s) of St. Louis, suburban New Jersey and an obscure cul-de-sac outside of Chicago. Her visual work has been exhibited internationally and her writing has received two Pushcart Prize nominations. She is currently based in New Haven, CT as an MFA candidate in Sculpture at Yale University. Her work samples ancient mythologies, fairy tales, literary motifs and neoliberal detritus to consider various forms of contract-making, punishment, retribution and self-definition. The female villain--so often a coded label for strong, abused or Othered women--is reimagined as protagonist who dares to play, scroll, shop or kill. Ouyang’s ongoing project, Conclusion and Findings, comprises poetic “translations” of her 2016 Title IX report, solicited from hundreds of writers; the texts are available at

Catalina Ouyang has had solo and two-person exhibitions at Make Room(Los Angeles, CA), Rubber Factory (New York City, NY)Trestle Projects (Brooklyn, NY), PLUG Projects (Kansas City, MO), the Millitzer Gallery (St. Louis, MO) and fort gondo compound for the arts (St. Louis, MO). Group exhibitions include projects+ gallery (St. Louis, MO), Mist Wreathed at SPRING/Break 2018 (New York, NY), Make Room (Los Angeles, CA), No Place (Columbus, OH), Rubber Factory (New York, NY), Gallery 400 (Chicago, IL), COOP Gallery (Nashville, TN) and Field Projects (New York, NY). She has attended residencies at the NARS Foundation (Brooklyn, NY), OBRAS (Evoramonte, Portugal), Atlantic Center for the Arts (New Smyrna Beach, FL), Mary Sky (Hancock, VT) and North Mountain (Shanghai, WV), with a residency forthcoming at Palazzo Monti (Brescia, Italy). Her writing has appeared in River Teeth, Cura Literary Magazine, the Blueshift Journal and Little Fiction, with two Pushcart Prize nominations.