FAR #1 Adrian Abela

November 1 to November 30, 2018

Make Room is pleased to announce the inaugural Make Room for Artist Residency (FAR) as well as its first resident artist, Adrian Abela (b. 1989).

The open-studio residency takes place in the gallery's 1,000 sq feet front gallery space in Chinatown, Los Angeles, including access to Make Room’s library and workshop. Continuing the gallery’s curatorial interest of exploring spaces of the in-between, it challenges conventional dynamics that are negotiated between the abstracted spaces of the private artist studio and the gallery. FAR makes room for artists across distances near and wide to explore their creativity within the city and actively encourages the audience as participant to witness and encounter.

Abela's latest project called ‘Department for Martian Transportation' The particulars of the place, Where someone lives Or an organization is Situated. 1(1-6),2,3(2-4), acts as a physical manifestation through found objects and imagery, meditating on human exploration and/or colonizing efforts since we began walking on two legs. The Giant Reed, a plant found extensively in the Mediterranean basin, was used as the main vehicle and material for the propagation of thoughts around movement and, subsequently, the displacement of resources and wealth. Though considered an invasive species in Los Angeles, it has also become part of the identity and 'natural' landscape wherever it has settled. Similarly, humans change and are changed by the places they inhabit, often through ways that are invisible to the naked eye, just as the reed uses rhizomes to grow and populate. During his stay at Make Room, Abela will be working with multiple visual aspects of the more 'self'-referential and less 'invasive' changes that we imprint upon our reality: mark making as tagging, etched graffiti, gum stains, tattoos, garbage, etc. by means of observation from the interior to exterior. These performances from the body to its environment act as memory and preservation, stationary as artifact.

Make Room is operating special hours during FAR program according to the artist’s schedule. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please email info@makeroom.la.